Claire Payne
My name is Claire! As an aspiring professional binge watcher, I plan to take the world by storm, one day at a time of course. I was born in the ordinary land named Memphis, where I would grow up and attend the renowned school of Houston High. I currently attend Houston as a junior, and I am new to the Pony Express staff. This is my first year exploring the enchanting world of Journalism. After school, you can find me either playing guitar or piano, watching the same TV show for the fourth time, sleeping excessively, or even the exciting activity of eating. I also enjoy spending my time cuddling with my fluffy dogs whom I love almost too much. I don’t have any major plans for the future, except that I plan on traveling the world to many exotic destinations such as New Zealand, Argentina, and even Bora Bora. As of now, I plan on having a sensational junior year and hope for peace and happiness.

Claire Payne, Reporter

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