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[icon name="wifi" prefix="fas"] Hi everyone my name is Thomas (as you can see). There are many things I enjoy doing, but I'm sure you don't care as I wouldn't either. Instead, let's talk about some of the things I hate, the most major of which is John Lennon. Imagine there's no heaven? Should have imagined there are no .38 snub-nosed revolvers. Ok, I lied, maybe I will talk about a few things I like. I enjoy music, both listening and playing (primarily guitar and bass) and playing as well as watching soccer. Some of my favorite music groups include The Misfits, XTC, beach house, The Garden, Frank Zappa, and City Mourge. I am a lover of all things spicy and have completed over ten wing challenges at various restaurants (Joey Chestnut fears me). Hopefully, some of you all can take something from the things uploaded by me and if you cant, try harder.

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Thomas Tilleros