Kelsee Woods

Kelsee Woods, Reporter

Hey my name is Kelsee! Being asked to write about yourself is insanely difficult. I have many layers to myself and I’m not even sure if I know them all. I wish I fit into some stereotype, but I don’t. I love art and all forms of it. I’m a dancer and writer and I consider myself an artist. I love food. I love v-neck t-shirts. I love winged eyeliner. I’m a professional burrito-roller. I’m a music-lover. I’m awkward. I strive to be religious. I like candles. I like purple. I have no hair. I love books. I really love peach soda. I love Hip-Hop. I love southern gospel. I love jazz. I love a lot of things. I love too much. I’m unusual, dramatic, passionate, and difficult.

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Kelsee Woods