From the Peabody to the Horse

From the Peabody to the Horse

Claire Payne, Reporter

Wednesday evening, September 3rd, a woman jumped from The Peabody Hotel, in Downtown Memphis, to her death. She landed the wooden planks connecting a horse to its carriage. Soon after her fall, a firefighter who happened to see the jump rushed into help and provided aid. A local photographer and medical worker passing by also assisted the woman.

Those rendering aid reported she was still breathing but gurgling blood. As the ambulance rushed her to Regional One Health, witnesses reported the jumper had blue lips and was close to death.

The unidentified woman fell on the Union side of the Peabody, resulting in the closure of the busy Union Avenue. Interestingly, she fell a couple of feet away from the carriage driver.

This is not the first occasion where someone jumped from the Peabody. For instance, a man jumped from the Peabody on August 11th, 2009, and another June 4th, 2011.