The Kroger Assault

The Kroger Assault

Kelsee Woods, Reporter

Saturday night initiated a wake-up call to all Memphians and the future of our city to take action on the brutality and the ignorance of our youth. “Healing the American family needs to be a national discussion, too many children are growing up without parental guidance.” Action News 5 quotes.

The video shows a violent mob, with ages ranging from of 14-19, formed at CiCi’s pizza with intentions of watching a quarrel between two females. It is believed that the violent activity at the restaurant launched the heartless attack in the Kroger parking lot.

At approximately 9:15, the angry mob of more than twenty covered the Kroger premises. Shouting profanity and many references to a local gang, the teens vandalized a car and harmed two people.

The mob first started assaulting a customer until the grocery store’s bag boy stepped in. This innocent 17- year-old boy was beaten unconscious after being stomped, punched, and struck with pumpkins. The victim lain on the ground curled in a defensive ball attempting to shield himself with his arms over his head, while another employee was also being thrown to the ground.

An off-duty employee stood close by recording, as she giggled at the disturbing scenario. Her voice changes to horror as she yells for someone to call for help but continues to record.

Ten teens and one adult, 19 year old Raheem Richardson, have been arrested thus far and all are charged with at least one felony charge. Police believe there will be more charges as the investigation continues. None of these charges includes a hate crime, which sparks debate throughout the city and across the nation.

Actor James Woods confronted the U.S Attorney General via twitter(@RealJamesWoods). “Mr. Holder, this is your opportunity to step across the ugly racial divide in America. Go to Memphis, Sir, for ALL of us.”

Since then, the awareness of the incident has fled to nearly every street in Memphis and its surrounding areas. Many residents are in awe of the action and are searching for reasons that might initiate this behavior.

AC Wharton, The Mayor of Memphis, has placed the blame in the hands of the parents of each teen. He believes that situations of this stature are the result of “bad-parenting.”