Homecoming Season is Here Again

Ashley Markle, Reporter

Homecoming is over a month away and people already lined up dates for the dance. Heads up boys, girls have high hopes for a fun night, but first you have to ask.

It doesn’t take a lot to get a yes from your dream date. Don’t complicate things, but sweetness is the key. The simplest gesture of bringing flowers with a clever note is almost idiot proof.

If flowers are not your thing or you want to be direct and go up to her in person and ask! Don’t be the guy who asks in a text, twitter direct messages, or even via snapchat; those methods are for cowards.

Now ladies, getting all flustered when the guy you have in mind doesn’t ask is a thing of the past. In modern day you are allowed to ask him. It’s a common thing!

If a guy doesn’t ask you, it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t want to go, he just might not have thought about it yet. Guys are slow and often nervous for fear of rejection. We all know guys do not think about dances like girls do.

When you do choose to take charge, keep it small. Talking to him in the hallway one day or buying him his favorite candy with a note on it will be plenty of attention. Boys do not need a big gesture to be asked to a dance, but remember, they still have feelings so stay classy when you ask.

The rumors are true, some of you have heard the dance is going to take place in the varsity gym, A negative connotation comes with the word gym; but the location of the dance should not affect whether you attend or not. If the dance is at the zoo or school, what’s the difference? They are both just buildings. Four walls will still be surrounding everyone no matter where it’s held, the same people will be there, and the same amount of fun will be had at the school anywhere else.

It’s all about what you make of it. The gym will be transformed into an elegant room for a dance. Decorations will cover the image of P.E. class, basketball games, and pep rallies. No matter the place, homecoming will be as fun as always.

The most exciting new twist to the Homecoming Dance is a live band will be performing. Soundscape is a local band with a fresh sound. Their music ranges from soft hits to songs we all know and love to make people dance. It will be just like the movies, a live band with a transformed gym.

No matter how you get asked, the dance location, or the music that’s playing, Homecoming will be a big hit!

Houston prides itself about being classy. Whining and complaining is not classy, it’s stuck up and self-important. We, as a student body, have a chance to show if we all are what we say we are, classy, open minded, and flexible or, conceited, spoiled, and rigid.