Vessel by Twenty One Pilots: Review

 Vessel by Twenty One Pilots: Review

Claire Payne, Reporter

Vessel by Twenty One Pilots

Vessel is the third album released by the duo, Twenty One Pilots. It is comprised of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun both from Columbus, Ohio. They could be described as alternative rock with a slight influence of rap and electronica, but they view themselves as “Schizophrenic pop.”

The album introduces a new style that isn’t the typical rap about partying and girls, but instead features a poetic rap completely blowing the listener away with profound lyrics. In the duo, Tyler sings and plays a variety of instruments such as piano, ukulele, synthesizer, and even a keytar, while Josh plays the drums.

Vessel was primarily written to make people think outside the box with lyrics such as “sometimes to stay alive, you got to kill your mind” and “sometimes quiet is violent.” Their lyrics are not inspired by anyone specifically; Tyler claims he writes what he wants other people to write.

The band is unique, but their songs have a bit of Rooney, an American rock band, with their upbeat rock solos, Eminem with incredibly fast rapping, and Regina Spektor with poppy piano chords.



The album starts out with “Ode to Sleep,” with a futuristic tone and upbeat feeling. The song changes around, much like Queen’s popular hit, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Other wonderful hits include “Car Radio,” featuring the most thought-provoking lyrics and powerful vocals; “Holding on to You,” with great drumming, piano chords, and psychological ideas; and “House of Gold,” a song written for his mother and lovely ukulele strumming.

In all, Vessel is worthy of a chance to impress a picky music lover.