The Way it Used to Be

Antonio Scott, Reporter

With the formation of the new Germantown Municipal School District, many changes to Houston High School have made its way to the building. Of those changes, one is the school cafeteria.

Sandra Miller, the new cafeteria manager at Houston, is optimistic for the upgrades and hopes the students at Houston appreciate the new system.

In an interview with The Pony Express’ Antonio Scott Wednesday, Miller stated “The choice of food is much better; it’s back to the way it used to be.” Miller refers to how food arrives at Houston from manufactures such as Sysco Foods. The food is brought to Houston, and all items served at lunch daily are made from scratch in the state of the art kitchen.

Brian Fisher, School Health Coordinator for Germantown Municipal Schools, released a statement pertaining to new changes in the school cafeteria: “We at the district level are excited to be preparing our meals on-site once again. This opportunity allows the district to provide safe, healthy, great tasting meals for the student’s of GMSD.  Our nutrition personnel work diligently to create menus that contain meals with higher whole grains and lower salt levels than the previous Unified district’s.  We have seen higher amount of students purchasing and enjoying their lunch at school daily.  With all that said, eat and enjoy!”

Another major difference in how the cafeteria operates, is the salad bar. Starting this year, the salad bar is for staff only. Students still have the option to eat salads at lunch, but student portions are smaller and pre-made daily. Student salads are either made with a meat choice of turkey or ham.

On the menu, students will have the option to either choose the main dish, or have a hamburger or pizza. Hamburgers and pizza will be served daily as an alternative to the main dish.

Along the line of major changes, new food prices top the list as the most significant difference. When asked about the increase of the full school lunch price to $3.00, cafeteria manager Sandra Miller states “It’s because of the new municipality. We have to start from scratch.”

Based on the new prices, the average Houston student will pay more than $525.00 this year for school lunch.

Miller still believes more, enhanced food choices as the most exciting change for this year in Houston’s cafeteria and encourages students to take advantage of what the new changes will bring.