More Money, Less Problems?

Jonathan Jennings, Reporter

Two billion dollars is a large amount of money, it would take you thirty-one years just to count one billion, let alone two. Steve Ballmer gave up a large sum of two billion dollars for a NBA team, The Los Angeles Clippers

Think of the impact two billion dollars could have on the world. It could buy 2,427,184 Macbook Air laptops for students or 400 million gallons of water for a third world country.

If you wanted to spend this money on materialistic items then you could buy 500 Bugatti Veyrons and 50 million car mustaches to go with your luxurious cars. If you wanted to go on a vacation you could take multiple trips to the moon, which costs around 750 million. Also, you could just buy your own vacation spot and own the Solomon Islands in Papau New Guinea. What I am saying, why buy a team when there are so many other ways to spend two billion dollars?

With two billion dollars, you could buy this:

500 Bugatti Veyron

take multiple trips to the moon (one round trip is 750 million)

38 1963 Ferrari GTO- 998 million

antilia Mumbai

Solomon islands in papau new guinea

50 million car mustaches

44 million footed pajamas

800,000 St. Bernard puppies

14 apartments in NYC

over 50,000 iphones 5s 64 gb

400 million gallons of water

44 lady Linda yachts

175 audermar watches

380,000 louis vuitton purses

22 million taylor swift fearless cds

2,427,184 macbook airs



500 Bugatti Veyron

38 1963 Ferrari GTO

50 million car mustaches

44 Lady Linda yachts

Vacation Spots

Antilia Mumbai

Solomon Islands in Papau New Guinea

Multiple trips to the moon