New Principal Has Sights On The Future

A Bigger Better World at Houston

Ansony Kim, Reporter

Leadership is about vision.

Creating a vision and being able to bring people together to achieve a common goal.

Houston High School Principal Kyle Cherry
Antonio Scott
Houston High School Principal Kyle Cherry

Mr. Kyle Cherry is the new principal at Houston High School and he loves all the challenges the job presents. He began at Houston on March 2, 2009 as an assistant principal and will be entering his 25th year in education overall.

His personal goal is to be a better role model for the students at Houston and his favorite quote is by Vince Lombardi “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

This falls is line with The Best Getting Better, a mantra that has existed at Houston since it’s doors opened in 1989.

He got his Bachelor’s at University of Wisconsin, Platteville and he taught social studies for 10 years in Alabama, Wisconsin, and Georgia. He earned his Master’s at the University of Georgia and has been in administration since 2000 in Georgia, Wisconsin, and now Tennessee.

Mr. Cherry said his vision of the future sees more parking, more land to have all extracurricular activities on campus, and a field house. He noted that “we are the only former Shelby County School without an athletic field house,” and a turf field so that we could help the Germantown community grow together.

He wished the original designers in the late 1980’s had the vision to buy the land east of Houston.

Houston is expanding academically too, Mr. Cherry would like to have on the job training program for seniors. For example if a student was in a business marketing class he would like for the class to take a trip to a local business to learn hands on stuff.

“We are the flagship school in the new school district and with that comes the responsibility to set a standard of excellence,” Cherry said. He seems energized and willing to lead the way.