Meet Matykiewicz

Meet Matykiewicz

Mckenzie Stieff, Reporter

Houston High School has hired a new assistant principal Mrs. Janna Matykiewicz. Everyone knows her face and knows that she’s new, but do we really know who she is? Mrs.Matykiewicz is from Macon, Georgia. She lived there for about four years and then her and her family traveled up to Memphis, Tennessee, where she grew up.

Janna Matykiewicz was a former student at the University of Memphis and earned a BBA in marketing. Mrs.Matykiewicz used to be a buyer for Shoney’s. She found out that, it wasn’t her niche. Buying for Shoney’s was fun, but after ten years it gets old. She says; “The hardest thing for me to do was to make the decision to teach or to keep Shoney’s, or start teaching.” So, Matykiewicz started thinking and went back to school and earned a minor in English and Mathematics at The University of Memphis.

As for her first teaching job Matykiewicz was hired as a math teacher at Bolton High School for ten years. She began her administrative Career an assistant principal at Cordova High school and Bolton for 14 years. It was until the Memphis City Schools merged with Cordova High, in the 2000, when she switched back to Bolton, where she became an administrator. Matykiewicz was at Bolton and Cordova High school for fourteen years before she came to Houston High.

Like all of the working community, it is important to find a balance between life and their careers. Matykiewicz says that she loves to travel and visit with her children and her grandchildren. She has traveled to a number of places like, Europe, Cancun and all over the United States. In her free time her and her husband like to participate in Fantasy Football League, even though her favorite sport is basketball. Together they travel all over to show their love for the Iowa Hawkeye’s. Ms.Matykiewicz is an important person in our Houston family so let’s continue welcoming her with warmth and positivity.