Born to Lead

Born to Lead

Angelica Omar, Reporter

Mr. Legault is the newest 10th grade administrator. He grew up in Columbus, Ohio and his favorite subjects included chemistry and child psychology. Growing up he played football, basketball, wrestling, tennis, and now enjoys lifting weights. He has a three-year-old son who absolutely adores Disney. He uses this as an excuse to go on an outing to the Disney Store every once in a while. He can recite almost the entire movie of Frozen and loves anything 80’s from music to movies.

Many people told him he would be a good teacher, so that’s exactly what he decided to do. He attended Ohio State, which happens to also be the same school of the person that inspires him, Chris Speilman. Chris inspires Mr.Legault because of his work ethic and the way he handled his wife getting breast cancer and passing away.

Since Mr. Legault is new, he is unable to compare how Houston has changed since the new school district, but he does say that it is a much better environment from the other schools he has worked.

Previously, he was a teacher at North Haven Elementary School and was an assistant principal at Arlington Elementary School and Lucy Elementary School. He refers to Houston as a “fun-loving and nurturing environment where everyone values each other’s opinions and uses this to work together.”

Mr. Legault enjoys having an entire school of children rather than just a classroom. His responsibilities include buses, lockers, Special E.D., and sharing the duties of Honors Academy with Mrs. Matykiewicz. Since Houston is an established school, Mr. Legault’s Ohio flare is why he is a perfect edition to the Mustang team to bring in new, fresh ideas!