Not Your Typical Librarian

Not Your Typical Librarian

Antonio Scott, Reporter

Librarian Clint Underwood is new to Houston High School and is in charge of Circulation Library. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Underwood attended The University School of Jackson in Jackson, Tennessee. He earned his baccalaureate degree from The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

As one of the many “new faculty on the block,” Underwood describes himself as “nerdy and [has his] quirks…” He’s friendly, and loves being a librarian. He hopes everyone drops by the library to speak: even if it’s just to say ‘Hi’.

His biggest challenges at Houston is learning everyone’s names. “There were fifty people in my senior class, so Houston is literally ten times bigger than the high school I went to.”

A vivid memory from his high school career is “… hanging out with my friends. My friend Paul and I would carry a travel chess set around in our backpacks and play in the back of class if we got bored. But if I hear of anyone doing that around here, I’ll revoke their library privileges.”

In high school, Underwood listened to Led Zeppelin, and since, have been his favorite band.

Outside of Houston, Underwood likes to play video games. He is a big television and movie bluff, and he also enjoys watching Dr. Who. His favorite movies are Inception, Lawrence of Arabia, Barry Lyndon, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. If Underwood’s life was made into a movie, he would want Patton Oswald to play him.

If he wasn’t in the classroom, or library, he would be a veterinarian: adding he loves animals.

Needless to say, many librarians get a bad reputation as the quiet mouse of the building. Underwood is that cliche to rest. He is one of the most interesting characters Houston is glad to bring to be on faculty.

Don’t forget to stop by the circulation library sometime to speak to this one cool librarian!