English teacher or next Bob Dylan?


Claire Payne, Reporter

Out of the new teachers, Mr. Middlekauff is the only one to be a teacher by day and rock star by night. He became part of the Houston High staff as the replacement for Mrs. Anthony, 9th Honors English teacher.

He attended Greencastle-Antrim High School from 1992-1996. Throughout high school, he particularly enjoyed the theatre, being featured in productions like Bye Bye Birdie as Conrad Birdie. He predominantly recalls spending meaningful time with the cast. Along with theatre, he appreciated basketball. He comments, “While I have some clear recollections of traveling to games, hanging out after games, etc., I recall very little of the games themselves. We stunk, so maybe I’ve repressed those memories.” Following high school, he attended Harding University located in Searcy, Arkansas, from 1996-2000.

Mr.Middlekauff has always had a strong passion for music. He first sparked an interest in music in high school, listening to bands such as The Beatles and Matthew Sweet. Today, he even sings and plays guitar in his band, “Short in the Sleeve.” They could be described as folk-rock with a hint of singer-songwriter. If you enjoy artists like Josh Ritter or even The Beatles, you should definitely check out his band on iTunes or YouTube.

Of course, while he enthuses over music, he also particularly loves his job teaching English. He believes “literature can can enrich people’s lives in unique and powerful ways.” This year, he is challenged by the fact that he “[has] more students this year than any year [he’s] taught [(he’s entering his fifteenth year)], so providing the degree of meaningful feedback on student writing [he’s] accustomed to will be a challenge.” While he enjoys his job now, in an alternate universe, he would either be a musician, lawyer, or even a host on the Travel Channel, as he particularly enjoys traveling. Mr. Middlekauff somehow juggles the challenging life of a musician while teaching and instructing his students on the wonderful world of literature and English.