New Houston Art Prodigy

New Houston Art Prodigy

Claire Payne, Reporter

Amongst all the new Germantown High transfers, Lydian Kennin is unquestionably a rare bird. Now you might be asking yourself: what could Lydian possibly have to make her stand out of 400 or so students? Her artistic talent.

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Lydian’s exquisite artwork varies from stunning landscapes filled with pastel colors to intriguing contentious mixed media artwork. Lydian is known for her many statement pieces that cross the line. Her artwork was even featured in the renowned Brooks Museum of Art, the oldest and largest art museum in the state of Tennessee.

While attending Germantown High last year, she had an assignment to do a piece expressing a political statement. Her creation was a mixed media titled Explicit Truth. It featured an innocent boy with a balloon looking at a TV expressing warfare and aggression.

While unaware of the incredible potential her artwork had, she was asked by her teacher to submit it into the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2014. The piece won and was featured with honorable mention. The Brooks Museum contacted Lydian soon after, asking to display her piece in a completely separate event with only twenty-four other students.

Since Lydian has just completed her first week at Houston High, she was surprised that everyone is so friendly and plans to join the art club. With Lydian’s extraordinary talent, her future in art looks very bright, and who knows, maybe she’ll even become the next Banksy.