Houston Joins Fight Against ALS

Teachers Take The “Ice Bucket” Challenge.


Antonio Scott

Tobey Wallace, Natalie Parker-Lawrence, Principal Kyle Cherry, Jackie Smith, Tom Suchman

Antonio Scott, Reporter

Gaining recent popularity in the summer months, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was created to raise awareness for ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Commonly referred to as the Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS is a disease of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement.

There is much confusion to what the ice bucket challenge is. If you are challenged, you accept it, and get doused in ice water, or donate to the ALS foundation. “If people did both, that would be great,” said Thomas Suchman, English teacher at Houston, who, in part led the effort at Houston High School to accept the challenge.

“All credit is given to the [Student Government Association], and Ms. Spain,” he said in an interview with The Pony Express’ Antonio Scott.

Suchman’s mother suffers from ALS; a main reason Houston has joined the fight. Last week, SGA adviser, Traci Spain, and SGA President, Ashley Markle accepted the ice bucket challenge, which was televised on the school news. After their challenge, a bid was made to Houston High School.

“Houston has a record of doing great things,” said Suchman.

The fundraiser was set up to challenge faculty throughout the building. Students contributed funds to see their favorite teacher accept the challenge at halftime of the first home football game. The three teachers with the highest earnings would take on the ice bucket. Mr. Suchman, Mrs. Wallace, and Mrs. Parker-Lawrence were the three faculty members chosen by the student body. Other teachers, in support of Suchman, volunteered to take the challenge as well.

Mr. Cherry made a proposal to Houston students stating if more than $500 was raised, he would take the challenge as well. A campus fundraiser garnered nearly $1,000 to donate to the ALS Foundation.

At Friday’s football game, teachers and administrators were soaking wet as SGA executive board members and Houston Seniors took on the honor of dumping them in ice water (see attached video).

Antonio Scott

After the challenge, the emotion of the event was present. It was more than people jumping in line for the next fad of the moment. It was a community showing their love and support for a man and a cause they deemed worthy.

As the video shows, there was nothing false in any person’s heart on the track. It was a group of friends and students showing once again why Houston High is different, personal, communal.

And why We Are Houston.