Athletics Meet Academics

Athletics Meet Academics

Kelsee Woods, Reporter

It may be difficult for students to image their teachers as adventurous characters. Nevertheless, Ms. Monica Elliot, our new Personal Finance teacher, lives a life of successful achievement and adventure.

Ms. Elliot was a track and basketball star at Ridgeway High. She holds her Track and Field State Championship ring proudly, but basketball is really where her heart lies.

She received a full basketball scholarship to Union where her team won The 2006 National Championship. She earned her bachelors in business at Union University, and later went on to pursue her masters in business at Strayer University. She also obtained a second masters in education at the University of Memphis.

Mrs. Elliot balances academics and athletics extremely well but is sure to put her religion in the center. Recommended by a friend, who was impressed by Elliot’s spirituality and athleticism, she went on a mission trip at only the age of 22. On this trip she spent time ministering the gospel to young children while also playing basketball. She blessed children in France, Switzerland, and Hungary. “Best experience ever,” she exclaims.

Elliot expressed hatred for her previous job, working for Regions Bank as a branch manager, and says that she absolutely loves where she is now. “I love what I do, life is good!”

Outside of the classroom she continues to follow her athletic heart. Elliot is the new assistant coach of the girls’ basketball and track team at Houston High. She occasionally competes in body building competitions to flaunt the results of her long years of athleticism. Elliot seems to be glowing as she takes on the new teaching responsibility. She describes herself as friendly and approachable and repeatedly expresses her love for teaching. Her fascinating background and her kind spirit fit perfectly with the rest of the Houston staff.