Teaching French One Student at a Time

Teaching French One Student at a Time

Claire Payne, Reporter

Learning a language can be challenging at times, but the new French teacher, Madame McClellan makes learning interesting with a new, fresh perspective. She arrived at Houston this year as a replacement when the French teacher, Madame Markovitz, left to go to St. Agnes.

Madame McClellan stands out in the fact that not only does she teach French, but she was actually born in France, giving an interesting perspective on the language. She started her education at Lycée Louis Armand-Poitiers, a French high school located in Poitiers, France. She grew up in the antique town of Poitiers, located on the Clain River in west-central France. During high school, she enjoyed spending her time listening to bands such as U2. 

One particular moment that she’ll never forget in her high school career was when she got her results from the BAC. The BAC is an academic qualification which French and international students take at the end of the lycée (high school). This test basically determines your university and professional life. She continued on her education to École Technique Supérieure de Chimie de l’Ouest-Angers, a technical school specified for chemistry. She also got her BA and MA at U of M.

Today, She greatly enjoys her job but her biggest challenge is remembering everyone’s names, so if you plan on taking French, get used to being called Mary for the 25th time. Outside of school, she can be found spending time with her family, reading, gardening, remodeling, or even watching the movie, “Devil’s Advocate.” You can see Madame McClellan strutting down the hallways of the A building or instructing students on one of the most elegant languages.