The DON’TS of High School

The DONTS of High School

Kelsee Woods, Reporter

High school is a battlefield of society. It can be a scary phase of searching for who you are and where you belong all while trying fit in. You’re growing as a person and you’re discovering different sides of yourself that you never even knew existed. These intense four years of your life can be stressful and confusing. Put these few tips in your pocket to help you along the way.

 DON’T be that kid that stops in the middle of the hallway.

  • You will cause unnecessary traffic in the mist of students who have different destinations
  • The wise thing to do would be to take it to the side of the hall so everyone can get by


DON’T get to school any later than 6:40 if you are driving.

  • Finding a parking spot will be very difficult
  • Traffic usually gets pretty bad around 6:30



DON’T be that junior that paints up at the football games.

  • Painting up at football games is a fun festivity that only seniors enjoy.
  • Opening this opportunity to every class would make this less special.


DON’T be the Debby Downer that doesn’t participate in school activities.

  • The school offers many opportunities for you to show your school spirit
  • The more involved you are in school, the better your high school experience will be


DON’T get on your teacher’s bad side.

  • Making a good impression on your teacher’s can go a long way.
  • You may need them in the future for recommendations and aid with certain areas.


DON’T be that annoying couple.

  • Don’t show too much PDA, it’s annoying.
  • Don’t argue in the hall, save it for later, no one wants to hear it.