The Boys of the Fall

Jonathan Jennings, Reporter

It is everyone’s favorite time of the year, football season. To take a closer look into the team, I brought in our very own Coach Hudgens for an interview.

“My expectations are to win a state championship. You have to aim for the highest possible goal, and if you’re not then you’re doing yourself an injustice. Every new year brings a new team, so we are still trying to figure out where we are with this one.” This is exactly the attitude needed to be successful, but there are some hurdles the team will have to conquer to achieve their goals.

The Mustangs lost many valuable players from last year, but Hudgens is not worried about that. “We don’t want our guys to replace them… We want them to play their spot and show their true identity. I just expect those kids to go out and play as hard as they can.” Some wonder if this will be a rebuilding year, but Coach Hudgens views it as the team reloading. He also showed great confidence in our starting quarterback, Jared Schmidt.

Hudgens is doing a fantastic job developing Jared but still letting him mature on his own. However, he is not taking all of the credit for developing his players. He stated, “The biggest thing is my staff. They help me throughout everything and I lean on them a lot.” This shows how the team is truly together, and everyone cooperates to reach the team’s goal.

This will be an electric year of high school football, but our Mustangs need help. When asked how the student body can assist the team, he replied, “The biggest thing is to come out. I expect the entire student body there. I would love it to see the students fill out the entire bleachers, and make the parents mad because they have nowhere to sit. That would make my year.” For the full, unedited interview click this link.