A Unanimous Decision

A Unanimous Decision

Ashley Markle , Reporter

Its no secret that life at Houston is better than last year. With a new school system and a new principal, teachers and students can feel a significant change in Houston’s atmosphere. Positivity has become a common feeling between the staff and students of Houston.

Last year, stress consumed classrooms as both students and teachers did not know what would happen with the new district. Now, with almost everything worked out and settled, everyone is noticing the promise this year holds. Eleventh grader, Hailey Jeselson, has taken note, “Teachers are happier to be at school. They try harder than last year.” Kirsten Jones, a senior, believes the switch comes from new administration, “When I heard Mr. Cherry was going to be principal, I thought that everything is going to be different, good different. I’ve also noticed that teachers look happier, like they are relieved.”

Teachers last year took a hit from the confusion when questions were raised about medical insurance, pay wages, and job availability. When asking biology teacher Mr. Parker his take on the year so far, he was happy to respond with “I can feel the better vibe. I am happy with the new school system. Now we can get answers to questions, problems are being resolved, and our voices are being heard.”

Now that the rough patch is over and everyone is settled in, Houston is taking the steps to practice our new motto Having Excellence Always.