Russian Influencers Banned After Prank Calling British Government


Pierce Browning

Internet pranksters, Vovan and Lexus, have been revered as Russia’s most notorious practical jokers. From Prince Harry to Boris Johnson, the Russian duo’s targets are no small fries. Their most recent antic is a hoax call involving the British Secretary State of International Affairs and Member of Parliament for Witham, Priti Patel, pretending to be the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the video is banned off of most Western media platforms, however it is still able to be found on a Russian website, ironically named “Rutube”, that arised due to the blocking off of mass international media of Western companies to not be used in the Russian Federation.

Full Patel Video Link: 

In a rather damning manner, the duo manage to make Patel say comments entirely expository of the West’s agenda regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict. From getting Patel to agree with stealing an oligarchs mansion for “Zelensky’s residence,” Russian children “could all be KGB or FSA agents,” and support for the “fair treatment” of the political imprisonment of Julian Assange for “drinking your country’s blood,” they finally end with asking her to call herself “Anglichanka Gadets,” or “disgusting Englishwoman,” under the pretext that it meant “England help us.” As mentioned before, the event lead to a mass cancellation of their account on most-to-all platforms under the guise of “Russian disinformation” and “Inciting violence,” to which many critics denounced the censorship and attributed it to anti-Russian sentiment, or Russophobia, that has been on the rise due to the recent events in Ukraine. One would think that getting far enough to one British government official may be as far as their reach may go, however they even managed to fool the British Secretary of Defense, Ben Wallace.

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