More than 150,000 Daffodils, Planted by Dying Canadian Millionaire, have Begun to Bloom


Austin New, Writer

In 2007, Canadian millionaire Keith Owens passed away due to terminal cancer. His last wish: plant a valley of daffodils.

Well, sort of. As he was dying, Owens gave his whole life savings, about $3 million, to a local conservation society in order to, “support local projects, which made use of voluntary labor, and in particular to sustain the ambiance and way of life, recognized in Sidmouth and its surroundings.” 

With this money, the Sid Vale Association (SVA) planted a total of 153,000 bulbs, including snowdrops, crocus, and, of course, daffodils. The plants were planted on Peak Hill in Sidmouth, Canada, the home of Owens. 

For those wondering, the daffodils are beautiful.