HHS Fashion Show


Anna Wright, Writer

On February 17, 2022, Houston High School’s own fashion experts, Abby Stehle and Kylie Brown, put together the first fashion show held in the school’s auditorium. Although the school previously included fashion design courses, they recently eliminated them from the curriculum. Noticing this vacancy, Abby and Kylie collaborated with the former Fashion teacher, Mrs. Davis, to form the HHS Fashion Club, both working together as co-Presidents. Though the club was in its infancy, they managed to attract nearly seventy members.

With ample interest among the Houston High School community for fashion, Abby and Kylie decided to take it a step further and began planning the fashion show. Though the show did run shorter than expected, it ultimately was a well-constructed production built by creative students. The show was divided into four sections with the models dressed according to the theme of their section—Winter Wonderland, New Years Eve, Valentine’s Kiss, and Spring Fling. While each model put together their own outfits, some students even designed and made their own clothing.


Pictured: Abby Stehle modeling her hand-crafted sweater


In an interview with President of Fashion Club, Abby Stehle, writer Anna Wright from The Pony Express got the inside information regarding the production:

Wright: Why did you decide to start Fashion Club?

Stehle: My friend and I wanted to bring together those who love fashion and clothing as much as we do. We sort of wanted to build a fashion community.

Wright: What gave you the idea to do the fashion show?

Stehle: My sister first gave me the idea, and when Kylie and I talked about it together.

Wright: Where does the money from the tickets go?

Stehle: All proceeds went to Dress for Success, an organization which provides business attire for women who need jobs.

Wright: What were some struggles you faced while planning the show?

Stehle: We struggled with a few of the models; some dropped out of the show without warning. Planning the show went smoothly for the most part.

Wright: How do you think the show went?

Stehle: I think it was successful. We were able to raise $630 for Dress for Success, and all of us had fun backstage. The extra help with lights and music helped tremendously.

Wright: Do you plan to put together another one next year?

Stehle: Yes, we do plan to organize another show next year. We don’t know exactly when yet, but maybe next fall.