Wordle: New CRAZE

Eva Fischer, Writer








What is Wordle?

Wordle is the newest internet craze. It is a simple game which features a new five letter word daily. Users play by attempting to guess the word by guessing other words and using the common letters to discover the word of the day. They only have six tries to find it. If letters are yellow they are in the word, but in a different location. If the letter is green, it is in the word and in the proper spot. Wordle was released at the end of 2021 and quickly became very popular. Since its initial release, New York Times has purchased it and now runs it. Many users feel that this made the game more difficult.

Why is it so popular?

The game is simple. This is one of the main reasons why psychologists believe that it has become so popular. The site is ad-free and easily accessible. Additionally, there is security in knowing that it will be a new word every day, instead of using the same mentality of many social media sites with random, intermittent reinforcement. Wordle is not meant to be addictive. The game has a community around it because the word is the same for everyone daily. Players scores’ can be easily shared which leads to competition between users. Finally, Wordle is quick. It easily fits into a daily routine.


No strategy is a guarantee, but here are a few fan favorites:

  1. Start with the same word every day.
  2. Your first and second words should be as different as possible.
  3. Begin with words that contain a lot of vowels.
  4. Use a word database

Want to join in the craze? Play Wordle Here: