The Most Highly Viewed Sports Event

Bruno Mars 2014 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Bruno Mars 2014 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Ean Lahiri

When it comes to sports, the Super Bowl is the single most anticipated yearly event across America. Sure football is a nationally treasured sport, but the thing is an overwhelming amount of viewers don’t even watch football outside of it. This is due to the amazing fashion the NFL has turned the Super Bowl into a pop culture uproar; it’s to the point that the funny and eye-catching advertisements and Halftime appear to be the main show with the football just being ads.

The uprising of social media creates ample opportunities for companies to use humor and celebrities to create awareness of their products and ideas. Along with the ads, the NFL looks at some of the biggest music artists with massive budgets for their brief concerts bringing in hundreds and thousands of fans who frankly couldn’t care less about football. It’s clear they have caught on to this by straying away from headliners that are more sports-based and choosing artists that grab more widespread audiences such as Shakira, Bruno Mars, and Maroon 5 (which is why it’s shocking this year a majority of the headliners are all rappers).

The NFL’s Super Bowl is also highly anticipated over other sports for one prime reason: the NFl’s has so few games. The compact style wouldn’t work for basketball or baseball, but due to the 16-game format every single game matters gets more attention thus gaining more attraction for the final game. This can be shown with the NBA Finals consisting of 4-7 games and averaging less than a 5th of the Super Bowls Viewership per game. In other words the viewership for a finals series that contained 7 games has an approximate total viewership of 126 million while a single NFL Superbowl is around 110 million viewers. Overall, the NFL utilizes a short season and fan desire of creativity to evoke a nationwide attraction to a single sports game every year.