Top 10 Most Watched International Sporting Events

As we head into the weekend of the most watched annual TV and sports event in America, let’s take a look at just how the Superbowl ranks internationally.

  1. Wimbledon – 2.6 million

Wimbledon, also regarded as The Championships, is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. It occurs in London, England, United Kingdom. This event usually occurs in June or July annually. The highest ever recorded viewership was in 1980 at 17.3 million viewers.


  1. Stanley Cup Finals – 5.8 million

The Stanley Cup is the award given to the winners of the hockey playoff champion team. The game usually takes place in a variety of locations around North America and Canada. Last year roughly 2.41 million people watched the game.




  1. The Masters- 9.45 million

The Masters Tournament is the first of four major golf tournaments in a year. It happens in the first week of April. This takes place in Augusta, Georgia, United States. Last year, 5.59 million people watched this tournament.



  1. World Series- 14.35 million

The World Series is the series of games including the championship of Major League Baseball. The series is played in the fall in North America. Last year’s series attracted 14.3 million viewers.



  1. Kentucky Derby – 14.5 million

The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse race. It is always held in Louisville, Kentucky, United States on the first Saturday in May. Last year 14.4 million people watched the derby.



  1. NBA Finals – 16.54 million

NBA finals is the annual championship series for basketball. It consists of seven games between the two conferences. This year’s playoffs are happening in June. The location rotates yearly. Last year the entire series averaged 29.04 million and the final game had 16.54 million watchers, the fourth lowest recorded viewership.


  1. March Madness Final Four – 17 million

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is a single elimination basketball tournament. The final four is the name for the last three games of March Madness. This tournament takes place in spring in the United States. Last year’s march madness garnered the attention of 7.6 million viewers roughly per game. However, the final game featuring Baylor and Gonzaga was watched by 16.9 million people.

     3. College Football Championship – 22.6 million

The College Football Playoff National Championship is the post season game which determines a national college football champion. 2022’s game was on January 10th. 22.6 million people watched this game.



  1. Super Bowl – 96.4 million

The Super Bowl is the annual championship of the NFL. This sporting event is the most watched television event in America. The game is always the second Sunday in February. Last year’s Super Bowl attracted 96.4 million viewers.



  1. Tour de France – 3.5 billion

The Tour de France is the annual men’s bicycle race held in France. It is 23 days long and takes place in July. Because there are 21 stages, the viewership for this event is extremely high. 


Honorable Mentions

The Fifa Men’s and Women’s world cup, which occurs every four years, attracts 1.1 billion viewers. Additionally, the Cricket World Cup which also occurs every four years, had 167 million viewers. The Summer Olympics were watched by more than 3 billion people. 12.4 million people have watched the Winter Olympics per night this year.