Leaping Lizards! Florida’s Falling Frozen Iguanas

Eva Fischer

In Florida, iguanas are going into shock due to the unfamiliar cold temperatures. Due to their cold blooded nature, any temperature below 40 degrees is going to cause them to freeze. 

Iguanas are not native to Florida and are considered an invasive species. However, they have adapted to be accustomed to the Floridian trees. Iguanas sleeping may freeze and lose their physical ability to cling to the trees. 


Florida residents are encouraged to leave them be. The iguanas will heat back up as temperatures rise and return to full health. It is now illegal to catch, transport, or keep iguanas.


Some Florida residents, especially farmers, are taking this as an opportunity to reduce the overwhelming population of lizards. Because they are lifeless, it is easier to capture and euthanize them in large populations.

Image Credit: USA Today