Was Marcus Smart In The Right?

Ean Lahiri, Writer

Following a loss against the Chicago Bulls, Marcus Smart made what’s being viewed as “inappropriate” comments regarding Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. The loss was the first time any team has been up by 16 or more points and finished the game losing by 16 or more points in over 60 years. It was clear Tatum and Brown’s roles were figured out and the BUlls were able to attack them through the fact that the Celtics only ran plays through the two All-Stars. This led Marcus Smart to essentially say, in an interview, that teams have figured out that Tatum and Brown won’t pass so they have to learn how to pass. Or at least that’s how the media portrays it. Marcus Smart was simply saying something any avid Celtics watcher has already concluded: Tatum and Brown are amazing, but the Celtics will never succeed unless others are more involved. The Celtics have made two Eastern Conference Finals since the additions of Brown and Tatum, but the management seems to rely on the two’s progressions rather than progression of the team as a whole. Compare that to a team like the Nuggets who focused on their depth and let their two main guys flourish; they might have had similar success this past decade, but the Nuggets have a far superior future.The Celtics have solid talent they just lack opportunity. Smart has been there from the start and understood that, so he should not be attacked for stating what needed to be addressed.