Cleveland To Drop OBJ

Cleveland Browns plan to give up Odell Beckham Junior from their roster.


Pierce Browning, Writer

Rumors have circulated that Odell Beckham Jr. may be traded to another team by next season. The Browns, as well as their fans, have already been evidently frustrated with his constant sit-outs of games and practices. Because of this, the team is going through a process to release him, as well as lowering the cap of Beckham’s salary. Andrew Barry recently released the statement, “After careful consideration, internal discussions and conversations with Odell and his representation, we’ve determined that it is in the best interest of all parties involved that Odell no longer play for the Cleveland Browns… We appreciate all his efforts and contributions while in Cleveland, but we’ve just reached a point where it is best that we move forward as a team without Odell. We are finalizing the process of granting Odell his release and we wish him well as he continues his career.”