House of Representatives Pushes Through Infrastructure Bill

House of Representatives Pushes Through Infrastructure Bill

Austin New, Writer

In the late hours of Friday night, the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill, aimed at tackling the numerous problems with the nation’s infrastructure including roads, bridges, and even the building of electric vehicle charging stations. The bill also promises to improve the nation’s broadband internet connection for many rural areas. Below is a more detailed list of what is in the bill and the money allotted for each:

  • $110 Billion for Roads and Bridges, mainly for the repair of those in poor condition 
  • $66 Billion for Railroads in the Northeast Corridor, including President Biden’s beloved Amtrak
  • $65 Billion for Broadband internet access across the nation  
  • $65 Billion for improving the nation’s power grid to prevent power outages, as well as boosting carbon capturing technology and promoting environmentally safe electricity sources 
  • $55 for water and wastewater infrastructure, including replacing lead pipes and water contamination 
  • $39 Billion for expanded public transportation, including zero-emission and low-emission buses
  • $25 Billion for improving runways, airport terminals, and taxiways, as well as ageing air traffic control stations 
  • $7.5 Billion for EV charging stations, critical for curving climate change. This also includes the charging stations for new zero-emission buses


This bill passed with thirteen Republicans voting for the bill, with six progressive Democrats, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, voting against the bill. Those Republicans who voted for the bill have received significant backlash from voters and fellow GOP congressmen. 

The bill will be signed by the President in the coming days.