Xbox Series X Review

Xbox Series X Review

Jacob Durbin, Writer

      The Xbox Series X is the 4th and latest entry in Microsoft’s series of Xbox home-video game consoles. It’s apart of the 9th generation of American home video game consoles, competing against Sony’s PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch. The console was released on November 10, 2020, along with its sister console, the Xbox Series S (a less powerful, no disc digital-only counterpart).

     There was much anticipation leading up to the release of the Series X, as it had been over 7 years since Microsoft launched their last system, the Xbox One. Its release timing was surprisingly not delayed due to the COVID pandemic; however, some of Microsoft’s game development was pushed back, including the flagship game Halo Infinite.

While the release date itself wasn’t moved, the supply of consoles remains an issue–many had their preorders unexpectedly canceled, and most who did not preorder will most likely have to wait until after the New Year to buy one.

     In spite of the complications, the console has largely been praised. One reason is the technological advancements. The graphical enhancement from 1080p to full 4K resolution makes the games and media on the screen look crisper and more realistic than ever before. The CPU allows performance at its peak in terms of loading times and internet speed. These incredible innovations help make the Xbox a success not only as a game system, but also as a home media machine.

     As far as games go, the jury is not fully out. Unfortunately, due to complications of COVID, the development of the biggest titles has lagged behind. However, this is an easier pill to swallow when you consider the versatility of the Series X. In a first for Microsoft, the console is completely backward compatible with all games from its predecessor, the Xbox One. So, even if your favorite next-generation game is not out yet, you can still enjoy some of your old favorites on the upgraded hardware.

     The system also has a solid controller. Similar to the design of the Xbox One controller, the sleek and comfortable design of the newly released Series X upgrade works just as well. 

     While it doesn’t take as many risks as the competition, the PS5, as far as design and interface; it does not mean that this isn’t an impressive piece of gaming equipment. It performs as a next-generation console should. It’s efficient, powerful, and reliable as they come. 

     If you’re in the market for a new game console anytime soon, I would definitely recommend giving the Xbox Series X a good look. I would wait until more stock comes in, bigger games release, and a slight price cut is introduced. But, if the deal is there, I would suggest you take it.

Final Rating: 9/10