Tiger Woods Injured In Violent Car Crash

Tiger Woods Injured In Violent Car Crash

Jacob Durbin, Writer

     On Tuesday, February 23, golf superstar Tiger Woods was involved in a single-car accident in a Southern California neighborhood. Barreling down a hill, Woods’ SUV crossed over the median and collided head-on with the Rolling Estates welcome sign, followed by a tree before finally coming to rest. With the car destroyed and Tiger badly incapacitated, locals called 911 and reported the wreck.

     Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, the first responding officer on the scene, found Woods alert but severely injured. “I have seen many collisions….It is very fortunate Mr.Woods was able to come out of this alive”, he said later in a press conference. Woods had to be carefully removed from the vehicle and was rushed to the hospital.  The wounds sustained in the crash are likely the worst setback of Tiger’s illustrious 20-year athletic career.

     Woods underwent surgery for “non-life-threatening injuries” at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. He apparently suffered major injuries to both of his legs, including compound fractures. A shattered ankle has also been reported. Officials have indicated from the site of the crash and the vehicle’s damage that the airbags in Woods’ Genesis GV80 SUV likely saved his life. After the crash and surgery, Woods maintains no memory of the incident.

     Although it appears that Woods will eventually somewhat recover from the incident, the full ramifications on his golfing career and consequences under the law remain clouded. Initial investigation revealed that Woods was not under the influence of any substance that would have impaired his driving, meaning the cause of the crash is still unclear. Because he was the only person injured, it’s anticipated that he will not be charged criminally–but there may still be grounds for a misdemeanor charge.

     Authorities are doubtful about determining the exact cause for the accident, but are hopeful that the “black box” tracking device within Woods’ crumpled SUV will help gather some much-needed details. The warrant to obtain it was issued by the LA County Sheriff’s department as part of their investigation to determine if a crime was in fact committed. They say if they find no evidence of a crime, it will be “case closed”.


     News of the crash sent shockwaves through the golf and sports worlds. Countless athletes tweeted thoughtful messages, wishing Tiger and his family well. His fellow PGA competitors paid special tribute by sporting his signature “Sunday red” outfit in their final rounds of this past Sunday’s pro tournaments. A few of the most prominent golfers to do so included Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Justin Thomas, and Tony Finau, among others

     Many are scared they may never get the chance to see Tiger Woods play professional golf ever again. If there’s any hope for a potential comeback, it seems like a long shot at this point. But I bet if you ask him, he would simply say he’s lucky to even be alive. 

     Golf is probably one of the last things on his mind right now. He can see his kids again and has a decent chance at being able to walk. It’s safe to say that Tiger will hold on tight to the important things in his life. You never know when they might be taken away.