Travis Scott: Man of the Year 2020


Kass Jones

2020 has been a very interesting year. We have all been struggling with the effects of the CoronaVirus, Social Injustice Issues, Alex Trebek’s passing away. It is safe to say this has been a dark and grim second half of the year for all except one lone man, Travis Scott. 

Let’s take it back a little; 2018-19, Travis is sitting in the pool of success of his long-awaited Astroworld album and slowly becoming a more household name every day. An early SNL performance launches more hype for his album, he signs his deal with Nike, starts his own music festival, wins a Grammy for Astroworld, and performs during the halftime show at the super bowl. Now, this is already a pretty amazing 2 year run for Trav, putting him in a position to only get bigger. Which he does. In mid-2019, we start to see a lot more from Scott fashion-wise. Shoes releasing every other month, selling out in minutes, and immediately selling for triple and quadruple their initial retail price on the aftermarket. He has maintained being one of Nike and Jordan Brand’s strongest collaborators through mid-2019 all throughout 2020. 

I am going to come back to his Nike situation but as we look closer into 2020 we really see what separates Trav from everyone else. Mid 2020, just after Covid-19 really hits the US for the first time, Scott teams up with Fortnite, a free-to-play game to have a concert in the game. 12.3 Million players tuned in to watch an animated Travis perform his biggest songs as well as debut a new one. More recently in the year, an even more unexpected collaboration was starting to be talked about: Travis Scott x McDonald’s. Selling over one Billion burgers worldwide on just the first day. Including a Quarter-pounder with Bacon, Medium fries with Barbeque sauce, and a medium Sprite, “The Travis Scott Meal” skyrocketed McDonald’s sales to a new height. Like I said earlier, Travis’s Nike collabs are pretty hard to get your hands on and often very expensive, however, I honestly do not think any of them will amount to what has yet to come. Earlier this year, Trav posted to IG a picture of him playing the new Playstation 5. The PS5 will no doubt be one of the biggest selling consoles of 2020-2021 is that it is in direct competition with the Xbox Series X for the new Next-Gen consoles. Travis having the console 2 to 3 months prior to release is not too much of a surprise to fans, however, Narrating the teaser trailer as well as his own trailer showing off a Nike x Playstation x Travis Scott dunk, things are now a lot more interesting. The images we have seen show a Nike Dunk low with a signature Travis backward Nike swoosh and the Playstation logo near the back heel. So not only is this yet another Travis Nike collab, It is on a Nike Dunk low–the sneaker to make the biggest comeback of 2020–and it is tying in Nike and Playstation again which have had several collaborations in the past. The success of this shoe is truly unfathomable. 

On top of all of this, rumors speculate that he is back together with Kylie Jenner. If that is not Travis Scott winning 2020, I do not know what is.