The Death of RBG

Ruth Bader Ginsberg was, to put it simply, a revolutionary. She graduated top of her class from law school- unheard of for a woman at the time- and after teaching at a university for a number of years, went into law to fight for equality.

She won five out of six arguments in front of the Supreme court, and tens of other cases. She set a precedent in law against gender-based discrimination and laid a framework for others to continue her legacy. When she started her work, there were hundreds of sex-based laws. Today, the number is an infinitesimal fraction. 

After her death back in September, many were uncertain what this meant for the nation. For 40 years she was the leader of the liberals on the Supreme Court, and she was part of the delicate balance between red and blue. One thing is for sure, RBG’s legacy will forever shine as an example of courage and determination for generations to come.