Among Us: The Newest Viral Game

Among Us: The Newest Viral Game

Sarah Vance Harrison

Among Us has become the latest trending video game. It was released in 2018 by game development studio InnerSloth, but grew in popularity over the summer from Twitch users and TikTok.

The game is set in a spaceship where 10 players are at random either assigned to be a crew mate or an imposter. Crew members must complete tasks around the ship while imposters try to sabotage the tasks and kill other players. Imposters can also hide and move through vents to escape. Both roles can report dead bodies or call an emergency meeting to discuss, which imposters can do to throw off suspicion. When these occur, players can vote for whoever they think is the imposter or skip, and the player with the most votes is thrown out of the spaceship.

If a player is killed, they turn into a ghost that can float through walls. They can no longer join in discussion chats with the living players, but they can continue working on their tasks. In order to win the game, the crew mates must complete all their tasks. Imposters can win by killing enough people so that crew mates do not outnumber imposters, or successfully sabotaging the reactor or oxygen.

Famous players include rapper Soulja Boy and actor Jordan Fisher. Among Us continues to be a global hit as it currently has 100 million downloads and peaked at over 3.5 million concurrent players. The game is available on PC for $5 and for free with ads on mobile devices.