When the Internet Goes too Far


Collin Cardot

Recently in the world of video games, E.A. made waves by banning one of its top Twitch
streamers for its Fifa game. Kurt0411 was initially banned from only Fifa 20 following crude
remarks towards E.A. employees and a video of him spitting on the E.A. logo. Kurt was known
for his skill in the game as he was an eWorld Cup semifinalist. Kurt could literally not care less
however, remaining insistent that all gamers have made such remarks to opponents. Being into
video games myself, I admit things can get a little out of hand. Kurt has to know his bounds on
such a high stage though. His comments definitely crossed a line and Kurt did not show any
remorse in his actions. He continued to pour salt in the wound not relenting any of his
comments and even adding more. Many kids nowadays would say Kurt is “going out sad.”