Former Uzbek President’s Daughter Has Majority of Fortune Seized

Diyora Temirova

Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of the first president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is
currently in a battle with anti-corruption investigators who are attempting to repossess her
fortune and her assets.
Among the assets being sought after are a ~$40 million mansion in Surrey, along with
two other British properties.

The now-47-year old was arrested in 2015 for supporting a criminal gang and later
transferred to her Tashkent apartment to be placed on house arrest under close supervision in
2017, when the sentence was extended by 5 years on counts of embezzlement and extortion.
After breaking the terms of her house arrest in March of 2019, she was imprisoned in
Karimova carried the reputation of “princess” of Uzbekistan under her father’s rule,
during which she was accused of accepting over $661 million in bribes. She disappeared from
public view first in 2014, after her father publicly disapproved of a photo series that emerged of
Karimova “semi-naked,” wearing peacock feather accessories. The story goes that a heated
debate over the images went down in the former president’s office, during which Islam Karimov
accused his daughter of disgracing the family and slapped her.