Teen Suspended For Having Long Hair After The School Pays to Support It


Neally Lacina

On February 10, 2020, it was reported that 16-year-old Newt Johnson was suspended from his
school for having 4 to 6-inch hair. He was growing it out for his 11-year-old sister who was
diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that affects her kidneys. One of the treatments that had
to be used was chemotherapy, which has caused her hair to fall out. Her older brother decided to
grow out his hair long enough to make a wig and donate it to his sister. Your hair has to be eight
to 14 inches before you can donate it to anyone. This was his goal. His school supported his
sister and their family by raising money for them. Later, they told Johnson that he had to cut his
hair because it broke the schools dress code of hair not being able to fall “beyond the ear opening
on the sides nor beyond the top of a dress shirt collar in the back.” When he told them that he
was not going to cut it, the school said that if he returns to school with hair that length that he
would be assigned in-school suspension or after-school detention. Johnson ended up
homeschooling to be able to continue to grow his hair out for his sister because he felt that he
was doing something good for his little sister. His family is not disappointed, but proud of their
son for taking a stance and setting his mind to this for a good cause. His father stated “How are

you going to tell a young man he can’t have long hair. I think the school districts have a lot of
other issues that are way more pressing than how a young man wears his hair.”