Iowa Caucuses


Collin Cardot

Last week was a complicated one for American politics. Recently the Associated Press
announced they cannot declare the winner of the Iowa Caucuses. So, what’s all the fuss about?
Well, friend, I’ll tell you. The Chicago Tribune said that mayor Pete Buttigieg of Indiana led
Bernie Sanders by 0.09 percentage points. This was so close Sanders and company requested a
recanvas, which is not a recount, but can lead to one. You may be asking, “Where did it all go
wrong?” Fret not, pal, we’ll get to the bottom of this. Some of the errors in the count had to do
with the mobile app used to count the votes malfunctioning, while the help line for the app was
severely backed up. Some precincts also didn’t follow the rules counting more final votes than
first votes. This isn’t the first time a race has been called but this is a rare occurrence. This whole
ordeal has been messy and is probably why the New Hampshire caucuses are using good-old
fashioned polls.