Dear Kobe


Jacob Durbin

That’s all I’ve been able to process the last couple of days. This Sunday we received one of the
most tragic and horrifying pieces of news ever put to print.
The moment the world learned of Kobe Bryant’s untimely death in a helicopter crash that also
took the life of his beautiful daughter Gianna and 7 others is a uniquely devastating form of
It’s one of those events that you’ll never forget where you were, what you were doing, or who
you were with when it happens. For the millennials, it was the death of Michael Jackson. For my
parents, it was 9/11. For my grandparents, it was when President Kennedy was killed.
And for me, it was 2:15 on Sunday, when I got the notification I refused to believe was real.

Your impact on the game of basketball and on the world as a person and as a human being will
never be forgotten. In just the 3 years after your storybook exit from the NBA, you have touched
more lives than I would hope to in half of my lifetime.
You inspired a generation of children to pick up a basketball and start playing. So many great
players today have modeled their game after your craft, and so many more have used your
“Mamba Mentality” to pursue their own dreams and goals in life.

Not only were you a role model in your life as a father, NBA Star, and entrepreneur, but you
identified with fans and the world in a way many celebrities cannot.
You made mistakes in your life. You were human. You faltered like the rest of us. And the best
part was, you used these mistakes to grow and become stronger, something many are unable to
Kobe Bryant was truly a special human being. One that we were lucky to have been blessed with
on this Earth for 41 years.
If his death has taught me anything, it’s that you should never take anything in life for granted.
I know for a fact we could all benefit from trying to be a bit more like Kobe Bryant each and
every day. He represents the best that we as humans can be.
And while it’s going to take a while to deal with this unfathomable loss, I can be sure what Kobe
would want us to do:
Keep our heads up, and go 110% at everything we do each and every single day in our lifetime;
because you never know when your last one will come.
Rest Easy Mamba. You too GiGi.