Missing Children After Alaskan Blizzard


Neally Lacina

On Sunday February 2, 2020, 4 children went missing during a blizzard in Alaska. Their ages
ranged from 2, 7, 8, and 14 being the oldest. Three out of the four of them were dressed
appropriately, but the weather was still hard to bare. The National Weather Service in Alaska
had warned of wind gusts and chills that could cause frostbite in ten minutes or less to skin that
was exposed to the air and not covered up. Their family had reported their children missing at
6:25 p.m. after noticing that they were more than five hours late returning home from riding a
snow machine. Winter storms and blizzards in Alaska can make it very hard to find your sense
of direction, especially for kids of their age. Helicopters and other assistance such as the Army
National Guard were used to find the kids, but the blizzard was so bad that they had little
visibility to find the children. The children were finally found almost 20 miles outside of their
village, Nunam Iqua. Once the children were found, they were sent to a hospital to get checked
on. The children ended up being fine, they were just cold and hungry. This helped served as a

good example for the other 200 residents of this village in Alaska to be fully prepared for winter
storms if they are wanting to go out, if not, just stay home.