Woman Calls Police with Her Toes after Getting Hands Stuck Under Car


Diyora Temirova

A 54-year old South Carolina woman whose hands got caught under her car Sunday evening
managed to dial 9-1-1 with her toes.

The woman had pulled over on I-95 to change a flat tire; while making the repairs, the car jack
slipped from under the car, crushing the woman’s hands underneath. So for the next 35 minutes,
in immense pain, the woman attempted to slip off her shoe and dial for the authorities with her
toes. Emergency help arrived on the scene 8 minutes later.

In order to free the woman’s hands, the closest county’s fire department used a prybar to free one
of the woman’s hands with significant struggle. The crew had to call for a hydraulic spreader to
lift the car and free her other hands.

Upon being freed, the woman was then transported to a nearby hospital’s trauma center.
Although the woman’s digits were intact, she unfortunately suffered nerve damage to both hands
and all fingers.