Person to Person Coronavirus in US


Neally Lacina

There has recently been a reported transmission of the Coronavirus in the United States. As of
right now, the risk that it spreads to the American public is low, but there have been six cases of
it in the United States, and some that have been sent to the hospital. This virus originated in
China and has transmitted to more than 7,700 people with 170 people dying from it outside of
China so far. In China, there have been 9709 reported cases and 213 deaths and parts of the
country are now on lockdown. The World Health Organization has officially declared a public
health emergency of international concern. The United States is concerned about four states
those being Arizona, Washington, California, and Illinois. Health authorities are investigating
this virus and the people who have this virus to try their best to make sure this virus does not
spread. If this virus spreads as rapidly as news articles and channels are saying, many people all
across the globe could be dead. Many travel restrictions have been made in China and they have
cut off all major ports of airline entry such as New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, and
Atlanta. They are also considering creating quarantine stations around the country to prevent the
spread of the Coronavirus.