Opioid Progress


Collin Cardot

In the last thirty years or so, prescription medicines, known as opioids, have been killing
Americans in large amounts. It is reported that the opioid epidemic in 2017 has killed more
Americans than the Vietnam and Iraq war. Prescription overdoses are more common than heroin
overdoses, surprisingly. With growing attention to the tragedies of these addictions, advocates
for healthier living wonder who is behind all of this. Some of the perpetrators are surprising, like
for example, Johnson and Johnson, whose slogan is “a family company.” In a new case
Washington state attorney general Bob Ferguson argues that the company under-advertised how
addictive oxycontin truly was. In April of 2019 another big wig opioid company was damaged.
The state of Oklahoma received a 270-million-dollar settlement instead of facing charges in
court. The case was yet gain for withholding information about the addictive elements of
oxycontin. The company still has 35 state lawsuits and a federal lawsuit in Cleveland, Ohio.
These cases of gigantic companies being punished is something rather new in America. It is
refreshing to see the little guy winning over the behemoth. Hopefully this can continue and
justice will be served.