Young and Hungry

Collin Cardot

It’s no secret the Memphis Grizzles have outperformed pre-season expectations. The
Grizzlies, rocking the 6 th youngest roster in the NBA, were predicted to be the very last seed in
the west and the third worst record by Sitting in the 8 th seed more than halfway
through the season is a gigantic step forward for this young squad. A recent win streak capping
out at seven has boosted the Grizzlies to this point. Many factors have led the Grizzlies to this
point, from the ridiculous leadership skills of a twenty-year-old, to major improvements from
second- and third-year players; the Grizzlies are clicking. This is evident on some Grizzlies stats,
like being number one in the ENTIRE LEAGUE in assists! Having players in the top twenty in
twenty-five major statistical categories doesn’t hurt your chances either. The beauty in this
season is that the Grizzlies have nearly exceeded all pre-season expectations and look like
they’re having fun doing it. The future is bright in Memphis and I’m excited to see what it holds.