Woman Survives Six Days Covered in the Snow


Neally Lacina

On January 10, 2019, Paula Beth James was reported missing in Northern California. She
was last seen on January 9 in her house. The search and rescue crew spent over 100 hours
searching for James, who was 68 years old. Six days later, she was presumed dead. Later that
day, she was found 50 miles north of her home, in her car that was covered in snow. She was
trapped in her car turning her car on and off periodically throughout the day to keep her warm
as well as blankets and the floormats on the ground. When she was found, she was stable and
able to talk. She was soon taken to the hospital and found out she had frostbite and was
severely dehydrated. Police soon found out that she has dementia and can become disoriented
and confused easily so that is most likely how she got into this situation.