Man Dies After Boy Throws Rock Off Bypass


Neally Lacina

In October, a man was killed after five teens were caught throwing rocks off of a bypass
in Michigan. It was a 32-year-old man who went by the name of Kenneth White. His fiancé was
driving while he was in the passenger seat when suddenly a six-pound rock came crashing
through their window, killing White. Two of the five boys went to court and plead guilty to
throwing the rocks. The boy that threw the rock that killed white, did not attend. They could
have ended up with life in prison for second degree murder, but that charge was dropped as were
ten other charges. The teens are scheduled to go back to court in 30 to 60 days to find out what
their fate is. The request of White’s family is only that other people, teenagers specifically,
realize that all of their actions have consequences.