Hidden Gems of the Decade

Listed below are just some of our underrated favorites movies and music from the decade.


Songs (click the link to listen):


Don’t You by Quinn XCII (2011)

I have been listening to Quinn XCII for a long time. All of his music is different, but this song of
his might just be my all-time favorite. Many people have not heard about this artist which
makes pretty much all of his songs “hidden gems”. This song was released on April 19, 2011
which is the beginning of the decade. I find that it is good to listen to “indie music” such as this
sometimes instead of rap or pop, which is what teens listen to most now.



Rollinem 7’s by N.E.R.D (featuring Andre 3000) (2017)

On their most recent record, NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES, N.E.R.D and Pharrell
Williams collaborate with OutKast’s Andre 3000 on one of the more upbeat and faster pace
tracks on the album, Rollinem 7’s. NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES did not receive lots of
attention on initial release other than the lead single, Lemon, featuring Rihanna, the album has
since received much praise for its focus on rhyme and rhythm and lack of melody on almost
every track. Rollinem 7’s is an odd pick from the album but it’s one of my personal favorites and
I think everyone should give it a try.


As a member in Dolce Bella my freshman and sophomore year, I spent my time looking up to the senior geniuses who
dominated our sibling group, Fifth Measure. Kelsey Taylor (c.o. ’17) arranged an award-winning version of an Alt-J song called
“Taro.” Although the arrangement will have a special place in my heart and memories as a young one watching my idols, I can’t deny
the magic of the first time I heard the original track. The perfection of the production of the piece was only enhanced by the meaning
of the lyrics I learned of later on; it details the story of two photographers, Taro and Capa, in love but die separately tragically, both
covering wars in the mid-20 th century. Taro died first in Spain in 1937, and Capa followed in ’54 after stepping on a land mine. The
poetry and imagery of the lyrics in the song make it one of the most powerful pieces I can remember listening to, and I highly
recommend to all, regardless of whether alternative falls into their tastes or not.


Headlines by Drake (2011)

If you are looking for Drake to get in his bag and have a bumping brag rap song, this is it! He
takes this moment to call out his haters, and flex on them at the same time. This is one of my
favorite Drake songs because it’s different than his normal emotional, relationship songs. This
song was off his “Take Care” album in 2011. Even though this was early in his career, you can
see the potential greatness he would soon achieve.


Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People (2010)

Pumped Up Kicks is often a recognized song when
heard but is commonly forgotten today, likely due to
its unique sound and the fact it’s a 10-year old song.
This 2010 alternative classic combines elements from
multiple eras such as ‘70s Rock and ‘80s disco to
create a soothing melody, while also creating a tune
that is very easy to dance to. When this song comes
on the radio, it really is a treat


Falling by Chase Atlantic (2016)

I’m not sure if this song is even released as an actual song but you can listen to this song on Soundcloud or the link provided above with Youtube. I love this song because I have never found such a song that makes me feel like I am in a teenage movie. Specifically, one where I rebelled against my parents, stole their car, and left town with my boyfriend, all in one night.


Movies (with trailers attached):


The Visit (2015)

The Visit is a psychological thriller/horror film released in 2015. Most people either haven’t
heard about it or watched it and that’s what makes it a “hidden gem”. This movie caught my
eye before it came out in theaters and it was just the trailer. I was just starting to get into
watching scary movies and I thought this would be a good one to watch. It definitely scared me
a bit, but it was also funny so it was a good first “horror” movie to watch.


Movie 43 (2013)

Movie 43 is a masterpiece. The movie is the idea of a bunch of pitches of movies; all are
terrible and contain some of the most famous actors of the early 2010s. The outrageous pitches
and satirical atmosphere make the ridiculous concept of this movie iconic. Movie 43 is one of the
greatest pieces of comedic film.


As an Uzbek-American, I watch a lot of Uzbek cinema, and I came across a movie called Farhod va Shirin early last year,
starring two prominent Uzbek actors as the main characters. What I thought would be another cheesy, sexist take on the modern-day
version of Romeo and Juliet (what the original Farhod va Shirin tale equates to) pleasantly surprised me instead. The female lead, a
powerful woman who owns a bridal store business, stumbles upon a couple choosing a dress for the bride in the store. She strikes a
wrong chord with the soon-to-be groom, and what ensues is alternating sabotage between the two. Expectedly, however, the soon-to-
be groom falls in love with this stubborn businesswoman, leaves his fiancée, and tells his parents to go propose to his Juliet. She stops
him PROMPTLY in his tracks to explain that she is in no need of a proposal, a romance, or a means of financial support. This idea is
progressive beyond belief in an Uzbek society where women are still seen as liabilities and, even if allowed to receive secondary
education or pursue a career, must prioritize a husband and children. It was refreshing to see a widely-loved Uzbek film preach
something so righteous and be received so wonderfully. Definitely a memorable experience.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

If you’re looking for a crazy, adrenaline filled movie of a famous political figure killing vampires
then look no further because Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is for you! I believe this is one
the decades hidden gems because although it wasn’t trying to be taken seriously and win
Oscars it was still a great movie simply for entertainment purposes. It is a joy ride the whole
way through, with constant action and hilarious moments. This is a great movie to watch if
you’re looking to turn off your brain and enjoy some simple entertainment.


Draft Day (2014)

Draft Day tells the rather simple yet compelling story of
Cleveland Browns GM Sonny Weaver Jr. trying to make the
Cleveland Browns a winning franchise by means of the 2014
NFL Draft, while also navigating his own relationships in his
personal life. The movie stars Kevin Costner in the leading
role of Weaver. While this film is generally well-liked and
rather popular among football fans, the movie has still faded
away during the decade due to its less-than stellar reviews
and moderate box-office performance. Draft Day is still one
of my favorite movies of the 2010s, and I feel it only gets
better after each viewing.