Ford v Ferrari: Movie Review


Jacob Durbin

Ford v Ferrari; known as Le Mans ’66 in the UK; is a 2019 American Sports-Drama film
directed by James Mangold. The film stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale in lead roles. The
story is based off the real-life story of car designer Caroll Shelby and driver Ken Miles, as they
attempt to design a racecar for Ford to compete against racing powerhouse Ferrari in the 24
Hours of Le Mans race.
There are multiple factors that make this film one of the best movies of the year. One is the
superb performances. The relationship between the characters of Shelby (played by Damon) and
Miles (played by Bale) is the centerpiece of the movie, and it does not disappoint. Damon and
Bale play off each other perfectly, and really make it feel like a real-life friendship. The
charming, skillful Shelby contrasts perfectly with the blunt but hilariously honest Ken Miles. The
contrast in their characters mixed with two great performances only helps their chemistry and the
film’s quality.
Another outstanding aspect of the film is its cinematography. Whether its on the track going
200 MPH or a simple interaction between Miles and Shelby, the camerawork, lighting, and
sound design are amazingly accurate and engaging. No matter which scene is playing, the
surrounding world feels immersive and lived in, which only makes this “true story” seem more
realistic. In addition, the portrayal is quite faithful to the original story, hitting all the key points.
While it does over dramatize the plot, that is what any film “based on a true story” should do to
engage the audience and keep the plot interesting.
Finally, the appeal of the movie goes beyond what you would suspect. Most would likely see
this movie and think only racing or sports fans would enjoy it, but that’s simply not the case.
While the racing scenes are beautifully shot, the best scenes in the movie come during character
interactions, primarily between Miles and Shelby. Yes, racing fans will most likely adore this
movie, but anyone can enjoy it; Ford v Ferrari is a well-shot, well-directed, and well-acted film.
I would 100% recommend Ford v Ferrari to anyone who wants to see a great film. I give it a